Venkatesh Iyer has become a mainstay in KKR’s squad for the past couple of years after an impressive debut back in 2021. A youngster whose name was unheard of stepped onto the field for KKR and made an instant impact with some outstanding knocks. Since then, Venkatesh carved a special place in hearts of the KKR fans and has been delivering excellent performances every season.

Venkatesh is back in the KKR camp, training & getting ready for the upcoming season of IPL and we had the chance to have a chat with him regarding his goals for the season, the work he’s putting in on his bowling and much more.

Here’s what Venkatesh had to say (excerpts):

What are your expectations from the upcoming season?

“It’s always exciting to be a part of KKR and I feel honoured and privileged to play for this amazing franchise. The ultimate goal is to win the trophy. We know we have it in us to win it so we’re looking forward to going out there and putting our best foot forward. I’m looking forward to contributing with both bat and ball, so let’s hope for the best”


An Icon Player like Gautam Gambhir is returning to KKR this year. How excited are you to work around him and what do you look forward to the most?

“Gautam sir coming back is going to be a huge plus for KKR. I’m really looking forward to working with him. Whatever conversations I’ve had with him in the past, he has always talked about creating an impact for the team’s goals rather than personal milestones. He is an amazing leader and I’m also excited to see the combination of him and Chandu sir (Chandrakant Pandit). Both are amazing tacticians and have the experience of winning trophies.”


What can we expect from Venkatesh - the bowler this season after having bowled well in this year’s domestic season?

“The domestic tournaments help build confidence of executing your best balls under pressure situations. I have got a lot of confidence in my skills and once you're confident about your skills, then the execution part becomes easy. Whenever the captain would want me to bowl an over or two, I’ll always be there. Shreyas has

always had that confidence in me and he trusts that I can get the job done for the team in pressure situations.”


What were your learnings from a fruitful domestic season and how are you aiming to make the best out of these experiences in the upcoming season?

“It was amazing to represent Madhya Pradesh in the domestic season under Chandu sir (Chandrakant Pandit). This was my first full season after almost 4 years. We did well as a team and there are a lot of positives for me to pick up. Coming in the camp on the back of a Ranji Trophy has given me a sense of confidence in my skills both with bat and ball.”