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Gautam Gambhir has been our captain par excellence for 7 years. Our inspirational skipper has been at the forefront of many battles, leading us to two IPL titles in 2012 and 2014.

On the eve (Press Conference 25 April, 2017) of his 100th appearance as player and captain in a KKR jersey in the IPL, this is what GG said on what it means to play as a Knight:


“Look, pride is when you wear that jersey, that is all that matters. If you don't get pride after wearing that jersey, you should not be wearing it. It's not about me telling them (the team) to have that pride, there are times when you have those harsh words, but at the same time if someone is not motivated by being in that dressing room, then he should not be there in that dressing room. There are millions of people waiting for this opportunity and we are the fortunate ones that we end up playing this game, specially for a franchise like KKR, so there should be enough pride and there should be enough motivation. I don’t think for that I have to motivate but at times you do remind them as to what it means to you and how many people are waiting for that opportunity. So I think, the fortunate ones should try and utilize it, I can understand if people have a bad day with the bat or ball or in the field as well, but you can't have a bad day when it comes to the intensity point.”