Starting our IPL campaign on a high note, KKR won their opening match against Royal Challengers Bangalore on 8th April, retaining the record of being victors in all their IPL openers since 2013. The fans turned out in full strength at Eden Gardens and the ones who couldn’t, were glued to their screens in what turned out to be a cracker of a match.

KnightRiders can always get information related to a match on the Match-Centre of our website, but now there’s one more reason for the fans to cheer as KKR, in partnership with Amazon India, has launched a skill on Alexa. With this skill, fans would be able to get the latest scores, ask for the upcoming fixtures, or listen to the weekly KKR podcast. For the ones who love crunching numbers, they can also get the team statistics or that of an individual player within the team. All this, using……..just your voice!

How to use the KKR Skill on Alexa:

To use the skill you can simply start the skill by saying things like "Alexa, open Knight Riders" or "Alexa, launch Knight Riders" and Alexa will take you through the options available and give you the information. You may also want to ask for specific information in one go.
For example, to get the latest match score and upcoming schedule you can say things like "Alexa, ask Knight Riders to give me the latest score" and "Alexa, ask Knight Riders when the next match is". If you want to hear the KKR team stats or stats of an individual player, you can try saying things like "Alexa, ask Knight Riders to give me team stats" or "Alexa, ask Knight Riders to give me player stats for Robin Uthappa". If you want to hear the weekly podcast you can simply ask Alexa by saying "Alexa, ask Knight Riders for the weekly podcast".

We are glad to be associated with Alexa skills ahead of an exciting VIVO IPL 2018 season.