Eoin Morgan Interview: “DK is a fantastic guy, looking forward to picking his brains.”

In this week’s episode of Knights Unplugged, we have Eoin Morgan with us. In this freewheeling chat from his home in London, the World Cup-winning captain discusses everything - from life in quarantine to becoming a father, his memories of playing for KKR, his off-the-field relationship with our head coach Brendon McCullum, his chats with DK and of course, England’s magical feat at the ICC Men's World Cup in 2019. Excerpts:

How are you doing, Eoin? How’s this Quarantined life treating you?

Morgan: It's a very strange time for everybody at the moment. For us (him and his wife Tara Morgan), we have a new-born baby at home. He's just three weeks old so we've been very lucky that we're getting the best out of this bad situation. I've been able to spend a lot of time with him.

Everybody's goal is to hopefully not contract the (COVID-19) virus and then come out of the other side healthy, along with the rest of the family.

Any household chores you’ve taken up?

Well I've embraced cooking. I really enjoy cooking. Today, the barbeque is lit so we've prepared all the salads. I just need to marinade a little bit of the meat and then head outside and enjoy a bit of sun!

How is it being a father?

 Yeah, it's been amazing! It's very difficult to describe until you go through it. Everybody says that, and we were waiting on his arrival to know if that was true. But it's such a unique feeling that you don't experience anywhere else. I must have changed almost thousands of nappies by now but I am loving it. Thoroughly enjoying it now.