It's been 10 years since Kolkata Knight Riders first made a place in your heart with a superlative show on the opening day of the Indian Premier League in 2008.

As we continue this special journey, here is a look back at the top 10 catches taken by our fielders in IPL over the last nine seasons. Enjoy the ride!

Sourav Ganguly
Batsman: Saurabh Tiwary (Mumbai Indians)
22 March 2010, CCI

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: Tiwary is looking extra cover but it is too short for the shot, and he ends up seemingly lobbing it over Dada at short extra, but he times the jump to perfection and pulls off a one-handed stunner

Manoj Tiwary
Batsman: Yuvraj Singh (Kings XI Punjab)
27 March 2010, Mohali

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: Yuvi looks to go downtown again, skies the loft over midwicket and it goes real high, the floodlights are really low here, there is a chance the ball went temporarily out of sight, but when it came back down, Manoj Tiwary had run from square leg to midwicket, dived to his right and plucked the swirler

David Hussey
Batsman: Paul Collingwood (Delhi Daredevils)
29 March 2010, Feroz Shah Kotla

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: Hussey's pulled off a ripper! Collingwood hit it flat to the long-on boundary, Hussey was on the rope, he parried the ball over the boundary, then leapt back and while in the air hit the ball back into play, then he jumped back in and while in the air again grabbed the catch with one hand, he made sure he didn't hit the ball too far back into play, that was the key, stunning effort

Laxmipathy Balaji
Batsman: Parvez Rasool
9 May 2013, MCA Stadium

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: Whoa, what a catch! Balaji has taken a ripper! he was looking to go down the track and smash it back, the ball was a slower one and never came on to him, still manages to get a decent part of the bat on it, Balaji springs his hand out and grabs a superb catch, reflex, one-handed effort!

Chris Lynn
Batsman: AB de Villiers
24 April 2014, Sharjah

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: This is a blinder! this is madness.. this is the maddest baddest ever catch.. AB did what AB does.. Whacks the short of length delivery to deep midwicket, where Lynn lines himself up for the catch.. but he slips.. Despite that, he somehow straightens his body on the ground, keeps an eye on the ball, arches his body back and takes a catch sitting down.. freakish catch.

Surya Kumar Yadav
Batsman: Shane Watson
5 May 2014, Ahmedabad

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: And what about that catch! KKR are pulling these blinders in this IPL.. Watson had reached the pitch of the delivery and it was well on his way over the long-on boundary.. But Surya waits at the edge of the boundary, and stretches outward to take that brilliantly.. He manages to keep his balance too.

Ryan Ten Doeschate
Batsman: Stuart Binny
5 May 2014, Ahmedabad

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: Binny whacked the low full toss straight towards deep midwicket.. Tendo was slightly inside the boundary and was expecting it to drop down towards him.. but that was hit hard and didn't look like coming down.. in the end he had to time his leap to get to that

Ryan Ten Doeschate
Batsman: Dwayne Smith
30 April 2015, Eden Gardens

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: That's a blinder first ball, Smith gone for a golden duck! It was pretty wide outside the off stump, Smith chased the delivery with a swipe uppishly and ten Doeschate flew to his left from cover point to gab it with both hands

Andre Russell & Piyush Chawla
Batsman: Naman Ojha
16 April 2016, Eden Gardens

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description: Russell shows why he is a rock star, again! He runs backwards and to his left from long-on and such is his speed that he almost manages to over-run the straight hit over the bowler's head! He is able to brake in time though and reaches back with his left hand to catch the ball on the edge of the boundary. Just before his momentum takes him over the advertisement skirting, however, Russell transfers the ball to his right hand and flicks it back into play as he jumps over the boundary. Piyush Chawla had made the run from long-off as well and he reaches out with his left hand as the ball lobs over his head and taps it down to catch it on the second attempt. Top athleticism from Russell, phenomenal tag-team effort

Chris Lynn
Batsman: Jos Buttler
28 April 2016, Wankhede Stadium

ESPNCricinfo Commentary Description Short and spins outside off, Buttler flat-bats it in the air. Lynn flung to his right, goes for the catch with both hands and takes it at the edge of the boundary at long-off. But the momentum carries him over the ad boards. He parries the ball back into the field of play. He stepped on a bottle, but recovered, returned to the field of play and pouched it



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